MMHealth Органический гречневый мед (1.6кг)

MMHealth Органический гречневый мед (1.6кг)


Buckwheat honey is the king amongst all the other types of honey

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Buckwheat honey is the king amongst all the other types of honey.

What is the natural and organic  buckwheat honey? This is the nectar collected by bees from the honey plants and recycled them in honey.
Bees at the same time should not be fed with sugar syrup. The participation of the food industry is excluded. Currently, you can buy the product under the name «honey», which never touched the bees that is produced using the achievements of modern  science.Artificial  honey does not crystallize, so that crystallization process positive.

Never stir organic honey in water at a temperature above 40 degrees Celsius.
This leads to the destruction of vitamins and enzymes are in natural honey and formulating a carcinogen that is harmful to the stomach.

Vitamins in buckwheat honey
In fact, buckwheat honey contains a lot of essential vitamins, but in small quantities. It contains traces of vitamin A, riboflavin, thiamine, niacin, and a wide range of vitamins B: B5, B6, B8, B9 and B12. Another part of the buckwheat honey includes Vitamins C, D, E and folic acid.
As noted above, buckwheat honey is much more trace than, for example, in the linden honey or clover (light grade). It contains: calcium, iron, phosphorus, copper, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, sodium, titanium, iodine, zinc, chlorine and boron. Agree — it is difficult to imagine another natural product with such a rich mineral composition.
Fatty acid
Buckwheat honey can boast the presence of several fatty acids. These substances are required for each, but, unfortunately, the human body to produce them never learned. Primarily, it is a linoleic acid, better known as omega-6.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids help with brain and nervous system development, ensure the healthy functioning of the thyroid and adrenal glands, are involved in the regulation of blood pressure, fight infection and inflammation, affect blood clotting.
Buckwheat honey contains seven essential amino acids:
Tryptophan treats insomnia and calms the nerves,
Lysine is effective against herpes
Methionine is responsible for the beauty and health of nails, hair and skin, reduces cholesterol,
Cysteine ​​has healing properties, promotes better absorption of iron, provides a quick hair growth, useful for smokers to prevent too rapid aging of the skin,
Histidine has good anti-inflammatory properties,
Glutamine is recommended for bowel health, nourishing the cells covering,
—  Tyrosine is considered a good mood, it is useful for athletes and people of mental work to improve concentration.
As you can see, the beneficial properties of buckwheat honey, if not infinite, then quite extensive. Not by chance is this honey is relatively expensive, because our health with you — a piece priceless.
Antiseptic and healing properties
Buckwheat honey is able to act like medical antiseptics. It can be used for the timely treatment of wounds, burns and trophic  ulcers. Honey absorbs water, drying out the wound, stopping the growth of fungi and bacteria in the inflammation.
Natural buckwheat honey kills bacteria and improves the immune system, but many of its beneficial properties disappear during pasteurization. So try to eat fresh produce, which is not subjected to heat treatment.
It is also known that buckwheat honey promotes better digestion and enriches the body in trace elements, antioxidants and vitamins. However, it is proved that the growth of normal bone and hematopoiesis individual 24 microelements  and buckwheat honey contains 22 ones.
Shelf life 2 years buckwheat honey, keep it bottled up. While it is certainly difficult — it is too delicious and very useful!


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